Our Story

Our History

Founder and CEO Andre Rodriguez, born and raised in Pilsen, was once a so-called “troubled youth.” A former gang member, he learned some of life’s lessons the hard way, including spending 10 years in prison before his sentence was commuted. Upon release, Dre decided that given this second chance, he would dedicate his life to engaging placed at-risk, gang-involved youth in mentorship, recreational activities and programming so they would not make some of the same poor choices that he did. Dre soon realized that digital media arts were a powerful way to empower youth to express themselves, examine their identities, process their emotions, and tell their stories to a larger audience. With the full support of Alderman Byron Sigcho-Lopez, Dre joined forces with other community leaders on the 25th Ward’s Safety Committee to form 2532 Corp. in January 2022, representing the 25th Ward and its 32 precincts, to address the cycle of violence head on through youth engagement in the digital arts. His vision and efforts now promise to reach and influence exponentially more placed at-risk youth by leveraging his mentoring approach and Luv City brand with additional community partnerships, resources and funding.

We are dedicated to partnering with innovators in digital media production to engage placed at-risk youth in learning, experience and mentorship for careers on and off camera, creating content that lifts the underrepresented and marginalized voices of our communities.

Our Vision

Our Mission

We empower placed at-risk youth to reshape their narratives and become the authors of their future through work-based learning, training and apprenticeships in filmmaking, multimedia production, and the performing arts.

We are committed to addressing systemic injustices that lead to violence in our communities through youth engagement, mentorship, advocacy, and workforce development in the digital and performing arts.

Our Values

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