Welcome to Luv City Documentary

We hope to transform the way youth process their past and future decisions, while also increasing the community’s understanding of what our youth are up against and the collective action needed to break the cycle of violence.


During our year round programming, youth will have the opportunity to take part in the development of a documentary film that examines street violence and explores the realities of gang life, showcasing the consequential stories of youth who get pulled in by these forces and all who are affected.

The production team will interview youth, their families and friends, teachers, leaders, and others in the community to produce rich accounts of their personal life stories, challenges, and aspirations. In addition, the actual filmmaking process will be recorded to expose unrehearsed raw footage, lending even greater authenticity to the final product.

We will build a curriculum around the film with a viewing guide to be shown and discussed in schools, community centers, and local organizations to open up a dialogue about the systemic issues of violence in our community and “what next” opportunities for working together to address the root causes of the factors leading to crime and gang involvement. We will also host a series of viewings and discussions around the community with the collaboration of the alderman’s office.

We hope to empower youth who have been swept up in the cycle of violence through self-discovery with the digital media and performing arts, and we aim to promote healing among those who have caused harm and who have been harmed through dialogue around original content produced by various stakeholders in the community to create a shared understanding and specific, measurable goals for repairing and preventing harm.

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