There are many ways you can volunteer with Luv City

Have experience in: filmmaking, editing, and sound design; multimedia production and techniques; acting and storytelling; or music production? Volunteer in one of our classes during our summer institute or year round programming.  Can’t make the time commitment? Volunteer to provide a one-off workshop or be a guest speaker!

Volunteer in class, provide a workshop, or be a guest speaker

Provide 1:1 mentorship support for youth

Are you from the community and are looking to connect with at-risk youth to provide mentorship, support, and guidance? Sign up to be a mentor!

Sign up to be on our volunteer list and help out at our events- summer orientation, end of institute celebration, festivals, and more!

Help out at a Luv City event

Be a part of our Welcome to Luv City documentary

Are you a community member affected by the cycle of violence? Let us interview you for our documentary film.  Sign up below!


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